Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toadstools Polkadots & Love

Tiffany over at Hand Painted Love Boxes created this most adorable toadstool themed treasury and included my woodland themed invitation! I am overjoyed because I am a sucker for both polka dots and toadstools! So cute!

Tiffany's litle business combines her interest in visual art and her love of literature. Finding the perfect quote, or writing the perfect quote to go inside is part of the charm of creating Love Boxes. When finished, she believes they make a gift of lasting sentiment.

Love Boxes is all original art. Each one is sanded, painted, decorated, finished and waxed by Tiffany and no two are exactly alike. They come in 3 sizes. Large Love Box dimensions: Height 2-5/8" Width 2-11/16" Medium Love Box dimensions: Height 1-5/8" Width 2-1/4" Small Love Boxes Dimensions: Height 1" Width 1-9/19". Each box has a friendly message or quote inside. All love boxes have a little heart and say "love" inside. They make delightful gifts!
Please visit her blog, she is too cite!

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  1. Thanks so much Angie! I love your work.. your invitation is adorable and would set the perfect tone for a fun party! I have shared this post on FB, Twitter and Stumble... Thanks again!